Introduction to HTML

Webdesign Programs

Program [1]

Create a webpage, divide the webpage into six frames. In one frame create five links that will display different HTML forms in the remaining five frames respectively.

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Program [2]

Write a HTML program to create a form for the subscription of a magazine. The form should contain Name, Address, City, State, Pin Code. Magazine should be selected from 5 different magazines using checkbox. Subscription is available for 1 year or two years. Radio buttons shall be used to select subscription period. The page should have a submit button.

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Program [3]

 Using HTML

(a) Create a 4x3 table

(b) Within table, place 12 images of Indian Tourist Spots, in each box

(c) Each image should link to the corresponding Website of the Tourist Spot

(d) Each Image must be at least 100x100 in size

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Program [4]

Create an html page with following specifications : Title should be about Gateway of India. Place City name at the top of the page in large text and in blue color. Add pictures taken from different angles/views, add label and caption with each picture. Give Alternate Text on each image. Use a different color, style and typeface in the text. One of the landmark, Mumbai should be blinking. Add scrolling text with a message of your choice.

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Program [5]

Create a page with two frames using HTML:

a) The left frame of page contains the list of names and images of the Indian national leaders.

b) On the left frame when u click on the image, the details will be shown on the right fame

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