Insert Image in HTML

Insert Image in HTML

<img> tag is used to insert image in HTML web page. 'src' attribute is used to set  the path of image. src refers to the source. The souse of image can be a local system file or a file from internet.


<img src="url/path"/>

it is an empty tag.

Attribute of <img> tag:

srcto set the source of image. it can be a URL or path of local system file
heightto define the the height of image. It cab be in pixel or percentage
widthto define the the width of image. It cab be in pixel or percentage
alignto set the position and also warp the content. the possible value for align is left or right
hspaceto set the horizontal margin (space) i.e out side of image at left and right.
vspaceto set the vertical margin (space) . i.e out side from top and bottom of image
titleto set the title of image which show on mouse hover of image
altto set the alternate text for image
borderto define the border of image, default color of border is same as text color of body.

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