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About Course

The objective of the course is to acquaint students with the accounting concept, tools and techniques influencing business organization.


The main core features of tally are explained hereby.…..

S. No Topic Minimum No. of Hours
1 Introduction to Financial Accounting 02 hrs
2 Company & Account master Creation 06 hrs
3 Voucher Types 15 hrs
4 Preparation of reports 06 hrs
5 Introduction to Accounts with inventory 25 hrs
6 Inventory enabled voucher entry 10 hrs
7 Inventory based report 06 hrs
8 Concept of VAT, ST, TDS, FBT,CST, TCS,ED 10 hrs
9 Cost centres, Budgets, Scanners 10 hrs
10 Backup Restore & Security features 10 hrs
11 Payroll 10 hrs
Theory / Lecture Hours: 40 hrs
Practical / Tutorial / Lecture Hours: 40 hrs
Total Hours: 80 hrs

Course Detail

Course Duration

The course Duration :12 Weeks
3 Weeks in fast track or 3 months in normal track


ICA has designed the course in such a manner that a 12th pass student (commerce/ arts/ science) can join this course, after completion of this course certificate will be provided, ICA gives students notes books and software also, an graduate or post graduate are also eligible for this course.

Frequently Ask Questions

The Cumulative Balances (Running Balance) of a Ledger account can be viewed in the Ledger Voucher reports by using F12: Configure options. Display Ledger Vouchers To view the Ledger Vouchers, Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Account Books > Ledger > Ledger account e.g. Commission account The list of vouchers for the current month is displayed. You can change the period using F2: Period button, as required.

A Cash Flow Projection is an integral part of the financial section of all business plans, literally describing how cash is projected to flow in and out of a business. Unlike Cash Flow Statements which are used to explain the previous actual cash flow, the Cash Flow Projections are used to anticipate the cash to be generated or expended over a chosen period of time in the future. Cash Flow Projection is an important tool for cash flow management, as it lets you know when the expenditures are too high or when the short term investments to handle cash flow surplus need to be made.
The Cash Flow Projection report in Tally.ERP 9 displays the projections on monthly basis (default) based on the last date of entry made till the end of the selected period. The user is allowed to specify the required period and also include scenarios for projection. It displays the availability of funds, the expected receipts and the payments for each columnar period.
To view Cash Flow Projection:
Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Cash/Funds Flow > Cash Flow Projection.

To get the highest cash balance for a particular period:
1. Go to Gateway fo Tally > Display --> Account Books > Cash / Bank Book(s)
2. Select the Cash Ledger
3. In the Cash ledger monthly summary screen, press F12: Configure
4. Set YES to Show High/Low Details
5. Save the changes and view the report

Follow the steps as mentioned below:
Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Account Books
Select > Cash/Bank Book(s) > Select the required bank
Drill down to the voucher register (preferably the first month of the financial year, ex: April 2009, if the Financial year is April 2009 to March 2010) Press F5:Reconcile --> in the additional column Bank Date, enter the date as per the bank pass book.
In case of users who do not wish to enter the individual bank dates to reconcile the vouchers, there is a facility, Set all dates. Here the current date of the company is automatically taken as the bank date for every voucher displayed in the reconciliation statement. The user has to accept the screen. The significance of the same can be understood in a scenario where numerous vouchers have to be reconciled and the user finds it tedious to specify individual bank dates for the vouchers.
In case the user would like to view reconciled vouchers & alter the date of realization, it is possible to do this using F12- Configure by activating the option Show reconciled vouchers also.
The option of F12:Configure in the Bank Reconciliation Statement enables you to view the vouchers in a detailed format with the narrations of each voucher. This also diplays the cheque details.


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