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About Course

This training will help you to learn mobile app development from scratch and unlock new job opportunities for you in start-ups as well as large organizations. Through this training, you can master Android app development, learn how to set up Android Studio, understand Android architecture in detail, learn about integrating your mobile apps with Facebook, Twitter and other social media, Google Drive, Google Maps, SQLite and learn how to create and optimize app user experience.


Android Application Syllabus will be as follows…..

Course Detail

Course Duration

The course Duration :4 months


Total Course Fee: INR 15000 (Payable in installments).


* Any Engineering Graduate
* IT students
* Professionals
* Undergraduates/ graduates/ working professionals/ engineers

Job Opportunities

Frequently Ask Questions

A namespace is designed for providing a way to keep one set of names separate from another. The class names declared in one namespace does not conflict with the same class names declared in another.

Value type variables can be assigned a value directly. They are derived from the class System.ValueType.
The value types directly contain data. Some examples are int, char, and float, which stores numbers, alphabets, and floating point numbers, respectively. When you declare an int type, the system allocates memory to store the value.

When a value type is converted to object type, it is called boxing.

Encapsulation is implemented by using access specifiers.


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